Wednesday, June 14, 2017

it's been a long time coming, i guess. but it's still noteworthy. i sent in my resignation to bbd. while i have never once seriously considered returning after this maternity leave, i was hesitant to hit that 'Send' button. it just made it very final. i'll have to return my company credit card, and my ID, and complete an exit interview, but other than that, i'm done. well... as of august 11. they sent me a PDF of the "exit procedure" that i'll have to look over at some point. i'm not sad. but feel a little nervous. that job has provided some security, despite how unstable the company was.

i do relish having my freedom, and knowing that my days are not numbered with otis. i'm relieved i won't have to go through the process of leaving my baby at daycare, and feeling exhausted a lot of the time from working full time and being a mom to small kids. we'll learn to be tighter with our money, which we have done in the past, just not lately. and i have a few irons in the fire, but i won't get into that right now.

i'm grateful for my career at bbd, even though it ended on a negative note. it's as though i stayed longer than i should've. or maybe just long enough to know it was right to move on.

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